Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Human Rights Principles in the Union

Help me with this - its something I have been thinking a lot about, especially with regard to union political endorsements.

We believe that unions are indispensable institutions for the promotion of human rights and the public good.  Therefore, unions are subject to the human rights principles of Accountability, Transparency, Participation, and Inclusion.

  • Accountability is the principle that mechanisms must exist to enable enforcement of human rights within the union. It is not enough merely to recognize human rights. There must be means of holding the union accountable for failing to meet human rights standards.
  • Transparency is the principle that the union must be open with regard to information and decision-making processes. Members must be able to know how unions, which are necessary to protect human rights, are managed and run.
  • Participation is the principle that unions must engage members and support their participation in decisions about how their human rights are ensured.
  •  Inclusion is the principle that all members have the right seek to participate in the union, in order  to promote their human rights, without regard to race, gender, privilege, status, office, or any other factor.

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